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Republican Hypocrisy

Republican Party Attempts to Manipulate the System to Gain Votes

        Hypocrisy is so common in politics it hardly merits any attention from the media anymore. It is now the norm in politics nationwide, by power hungry, selfish politicians; so much so that it is almost universally expected. The fact that is now expected, and that nobody does anything about it leads politicians and their parties, constituents and caucuses, so see hypocrisy as accepted. As is the case with any moral transition in society, first we are appalled, and then when the immoral action has become normal, we tolerate the action. We still despise it, but see there is nothing we can do to stop it. After this the immoral action is accepted, it is seen as simply a part of life which we all have to deal with and work around. Right or wrong does not matter, the fact is that it exists and we have accepted that. The final step is for society to embrace this immoral action. Society has tolerated and accepted political hypocrisy for too long! Patriotslog refuses to allow this hypocrisy to scoot by as a fact of life, and will fight the acceptance and tolerance of it with all the ability we have. When blatant hypocrisy is committed by s person, it is degenerate and deplorable; when it is committed by an entire political party it is shocking and appalling! This is the case with the Republican Party this week. Read the rest of this entry

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