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Is Occupy Wall Street the Liberal Tea Party?

Occupy Wall Street is now in its third week of protesting, crowding lower Manhattan with hundreds, sometimes even thousands of protesters who despise the wall street financial system. As the protest only gains momentum we finally are beginning to see some media coverage of the protest; it is hard to ignore 700 people being arrested on a march for blocking the Brooklyn Bridge. It is difficult to recall that many people being arrested on a march since the civil rights movement. The most cynical view of the media blackout (however not necessarily incorrect) is that the big money and banks on Wall Street have a card or two in  the hand the media plays, and are using their clout and leverage to keep any legitimacy from being credited to the protest. Much to their dismay, sister protests of Occupy Wall Street are popping up in cities all over the United States, the movement grows every day. The liberal left is reveling in the protest of the corporations the conservative right love, hoping that this movement becomes as powerful as the civil rights protests were in their generation. Videos of peaceful bystanders being maced and forcefully taken into custody are easy to find, only adding fuel to the fir of the protest. It is hard for the media to ignore any protest which has this much momentum, especially when there are now elected officials endorsing and supporting the protest. Some political commentators and analysts are already trying to label the Occupy Wall Street protests as the left wing version of the tea party because of the grassroots nature of the protest. While the protest certainly compares to the tea party movements in spontaneity and organization, it does not necessarily seem to be the left side of anything.

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