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The Good Samaritan is now a Criminal

This week while scanning through the news I happened to find an article which has perplexed me so thoroughly I still do not know how to wrap my head around it. It is not often I express my own feelings or opinions in my articles, in fact, some readers who know me well comment to me how amused they are that I can play devil’s advocate so convincingly; so please forgive me for expressing the way I truly feel about this story. The truth is I do not know what to think. Reading this made me feel angry, frustrated, confused, annoyed, sad, and provided me with a bitter reality check at the same time. Hopefully by the end of this article I will understand my own feelings on the subject, and help you think your way through some of your own.

Rodney Peterson and his Family

The Good Samaritan charged with a crime sitting with his family.

On March second a blizzard hit the Chicago area. Famous for bitter cold snow storms, Rodney Peterson, a married father of three, and the fourth on the way, saw two 13 year old girls walking in the storm without coats or hoods. Concerned for their wellbeing, Rodney stopped and attempted to ask the girls how far they had to walk. When they told him they would be fine Rodney shrugged his shoulders and drove away. Three days after this good deed the police came knocking on the door of the Peterson home, informing Rodney he was being charged with disorderly conduct, and he now faces a $750 fine. Read the rest of this entry

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