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Politics in the Office

                Its election season, and everyone has become an expert on public policy. It seems everyone knows exactly what will happen if either candidate wins, and this or that is why each person should vote for someone or the other. The thing is, with 330 million political experts, everyone wants you to listen to their point of view. It is unavoidable that political discussion will spill over into the office, and with the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United, your company may actually have endorsed or given public support to a particular candidate. Unfortunately, they did not consult you–the political expert–before supporting this candidate. Read the rest of this entry

Anti-Obama Comments Lead to Discharge of Marine

Sgt. Gary Stein who was discharged for anti-Obama comments“Screw Obama. I will not follow all orders from him.” In the sharply divided political world we live in today this comment seems commonplace, irrelevant, and to be honest, ignorable. The truth could not be further from that line of thinking. The media has avoided this sensitive subject, as have the candidates on the debate trial, but the question must be asked: when these comments are made by an active duty Marine do they constitute free speech, or insurrection?  26 year old Sgt. Gary Stein received an “other than honorable” discharge from the Marine corps this week, meaning that after nine years of service he will not be given the benefits of VA, pension, or other perks such as the GI bill for education. Stein, who runs a private Facebook page for the Tea Party military group he founded over two years ago, plans to appeal to Federal Courts on First Amendment grounds.  Sgt. Stein claims he was wrongfully discharged because he was acting within the bounds of his right to free speech. Read the rest of this entry

The Supreme Court Hearing on Obamacare

Paging Dr. ObamaThis coming week the Supreme Court will hear three days of oral arguments; the length of the arguments indicates what a monumental case this is. The last time the court designated 6 hours of arguments was in 1966. As patriotslog has previously written, the universal health care system is not a good idea. On paper and in theory it works out splendidly; however, in practice, it never produces the results envisioned by the creators. It is expected that the issue at the forefront of the case in the Supreme Court is the issue of the individual mandate for health insurance coverage the law created. Does the government have the power to force each citizen to purchase health insurance, whether they feel a need for it or not? This issue has largely defined the Obamacare argument, though it is only a small part of the effect carried by the legislation. To be fair, the Affordable Care Act legislation does provide some needed reforms to health care which largely benefit the American people. Among these are the legislation to make illegal the practice of denying coverage based on a pre-existing condition; premium hikes being subject to review; a mandated percentage of revenue for health insurance providers being spent on care, as opposed to advertising or management; premiums cannot be higher for women than for men, as they have been in recent history; and premiums cannot be raised for individuals who develop a disability such as asthma or diabetes. One can debate the fairness of these provisions as well as the need for them; but with the price of health care continuing to rise it is almost unanimous that something must be done. President Obama feels these provisions are the answer the public needs. Read the rest of this entry

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