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The Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare

You heard it here first. Patriotslog reporting live from the Supreme Court on the decision finally made regarding the Obesity Initiative for Nutrition and Care act of 2048, commonly referred to as OINK. After being tied up in the court system for six years we finally have the verdict. According to the 8 to 7 split decision on the Supreme Court, the government can in fact create mandatory diet plans for all residents (both citizens and illegal immigrants via the Immigration compromise of 2023) of the United States. It is expected that former First Lady Michelle Obama will be delivering an address on her lifelong initiative from her home any minute now. After her many years of hard work and dedication to “save Americans from themselves”, we may finally see the national obesity rate drop below 96%. Former Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann is refusing to comment on the ruling, and in an apparent attempt to starve herself to death in protest has barricaded herself in her nursing home room, refusing to speak to anyone. Her only correspondence is a hand written sign taped to the outside of her door which states: “They can tell me what to eat, but the sure can’t force me to eat it.” Not yet, anyway. However, one has to wonder how long it will be until legislation is passed which states they can. Read the rest of this entry

All Signs Point to more Gridlock

Sen. Dick LugarThis past week marked a telltale sign of the state of affairs in congress; and unfortunately that sign leads to gridlock junction. Patriotslog has already written about how voters are causing much of the problems in D.C. The problem is how predictable the events that have taken place since then really were. Long time Indiana Republican Senator Dick Lugar was defeated in the Indiana primary this week; his greatest sin–actually doing his job. His opponent, Richard Murdock, leveled accusations against him time and time again that he worked with President Obama, as if that is a crime the jury of primary elections needed to convict him of. Sen. Lugar accomplished so much for this nation, mostly in the way of national security and foreign relations. He was instrumental in helping to end the Cold War, and in helping to disarm the planet’s vast supply of nuclear weapons. In his career Sen. Lugar has overseen 7,619 nuclear bombs disarmed, 498 missile silos decommissioned, and 902 intercontinental ballistic missiles destroyed. Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus are nuclear weapon free. The list can continue, but the point is clear; making the world a better place does not matter to voters any longer. Read the rest of this entry

The Supreme Court Hearing on Obamacare

Paging Dr. ObamaThis coming week the Supreme Court will hear three days of oral arguments; the length of the arguments indicates what a monumental case this is. The last time the court designated 6 hours of arguments was in 1966. As patriotslog has previously written, the universal health care system is not a good idea. On paper and in theory it works out splendidly; however, in practice, it never produces the results envisioned by the creators. It is expected that the issue at the forefront of the case in the Supreme Court is the issue of the individual mandate for health insurance coverage the law created. Does the government have the power to force each citizen to purchase health insurance, whether they feel a need for it or not? This issue has largely defined the Obamacare argument, though it is only a small part of the effect carried by the legislation. To be fair, the Affordable Care Act legislation does provide some needed reforms to health care which largely benefit the American people. Among these are the legislation to make illegal the practice of denying coverage based on a pre-existing condition; premium hikes being subject to review; a mandated percentage of revenue for health insurance providers being spent on care, as opposed to advertising or management; premiums cannot be higher for women than for men, as they have been in recent history; and premiums cannot be raised for individuals who develop a disability such as asthma or diabetes. One can debate the fairness of these provisions as well as the need for them; but with the price of health care continuing to rise it is almost unanimous that something must be done. President Obama feels these provisions are the answer the public needs. Read the rest of this entry

The Reality of the Battle over Contraception

This week the news has been hijacked by the debate over President Obama mandating religious institutions to provide contraception coverage in their healthcare plans. The debate has become increasingly irritating because there are so many more noteworthy things of report this week. The economy is continuing to grow, the United States and Afghanistan have reportedly began talks with the Taliban which could end the war, a new online privacy bill was introduced in the senate, Iran apparently sent war ships to Syria to help their military, and the list can go on. However on top of all of this, the only news we have heard all week is the back and forth battle over mandating contraception coverage. The discussion should have ended last week when President Obama compromised on his politically sensitive mandate, but the intensity has only ramped up. The compromise would have allowed religiously affiliated institutions to be exempt from paying for the contraception, shifting the burden to the insurance companies, where the Obamacare law mandates insurance companies provide contraception anyway; after the debate continued all week long, and polls which showed President Obama was in the politically popular side of the argument, the President has apparently decided there will be no compromise. Religious institutions will not have a choice, and they will provide contraception to women despite their religious objections. Even a comment made as a joke by an aid to Rick Santorum about women practicing abstinence has become a political firestorm. Read the rest of this entry

Constitutional rights and terrorism

Do terrorists deserve the protection which the citizens of the United States enjoy due to our constitutional rights? That question spawned an in intriguing debate in congress this week, as the senate passed a $662 billion defense bill. In itself the bill cuts defense spending by $43 billion from last year, as well as falling cutting $27 billion from the amount requested by President Obama for defense. The peculiar thing about this bill is not that it cut defense spending by six and a half percent, but that it attempted to address the matter of detaining and holding terrorists, and failed to do so. The question at the core of the debate was how to handle terrorists arrested on U.S. soil, and particularly those who are citizens. Can they be held indefinitely? Should the arrest and detention be handled by law enforcement, or the military? Do they deserve the right to an attorney and a criminal trial? All of these questions came up, and none were answered by this election wary senate. Read the rest of this entry

Life, Liberty, and Abortion

Mississippi has an interesting law on the ballots in next week’s state elections; granting human rights at conception. Amendment 26, up for vote in Mississippi would grant humanity rights at conceptions. This means that as soon as a sperm combines with an egg the same rights granted to you and I are given to the embryo. The obvious purpose in this bill is to make abortion criminal on the same level as murder. If, as Amendment 26 would legislate, human rights are granted at conception it creates complicated legal situations. The obvious implication is that anyone found taking part in an abortion would be implicated in a murder investigation, and subsequently charged. This is the goal of Amendment 26, which is expected to pass comfortably in the deep Christian society of Mississippi.
Granting human rights to an embryo could cause some complicated problems. To start, many believe that this Amendment 26 violates the judicial review of the Roe v. Wade decision, which does not allow a law to regulate abortion prior to completing the first trimester, where the “abortion decision and its effectuation must be left to the medical judgment of the pregnant woman’s attending physician.” however, the Roe v. Wade decision does allow states to regulate abortion as they see necessary after the first trimester is complete. Read the rest of this entry

The Truth: For Our Nation, Our Children, and Our Future

26 April, 2011

Every morning millions of parents in the United States send their beloved children off to school. When those children come home these caring parents ask what was learned that day at school. Imagine a child coming home from a middle school science class one day, and telling its parents they learned that washing hands was harmful to health. These parents would certainly have to be concerned with the educational integrity of the schools. Even if the child explained that washing hands transmits germs when the sink, soap dispenser and faucet are touched, and also that it weakens the immune system, a parent would still understand that though these may in fact, be true, the benefits of hand washing FAR outweigh these minor consequences. It is therefore my question to ask why parents are not concerned when a child comes home and regurgitates what was taught in a history or social studies class when it is this same case: Small truths that manipulate the real truth. Truth, as the author will be concerned in this paper, is defined as things as they really were, as they really are, and as they really will be. Read the rest of this entry

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