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Why Immigration Reform Will not Happen

Turn on your TV, over and over you will hear about immigration reform. Time after time every political candidate, from every political party and sphere of thought will tell you exactly what they think; few poll punches on immigration. The media frames the debate in two polar opposites, as we can always count on our beloved media to do, despite the fact that there is so much more to the immigration problem than can be depicted in two ideas. Nonetheless, many in this nation are falsely led to believe there are only two policies; absolute deportation, and absolute amnesty. This is still being peddled by cable news propaganda stations despite the fact that very few people in very few places actually believe either of these ideas are beneficial. The fact is both universal deportation and amnesty would hurt our nation for many reasons, the two largest of which would be an interpreted invitation for more illegal immigration, while on the other side it would be a huge economic hit.

However, illegal immigration is a problem for our nation. Illegal immigrants are a strain on our resources, and contribute to the crime rate. This is not to say all illegal immigrants are bad; in fact, far from it. Most are great people, and illegal immigration gives them a bad stigma because of those who do come solely to take advantage of our systems and make money illegally. Most illegal immigrants even believe immigration reform is needed. Coyote running, below minimum wage pay, multi-family housing, and discrimination are not the American dream. The reason this has not happened can be stated in one word: power. Read the rest of this entry

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