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Did the IRS use NSA Data Against Conservative Groups?

If the IRS was able to access the NSA spying data, then all of your privacy and your First Amendment rights are gone.

Do You Care About Being Spied on?

Despite all the media outrage and breaking stories, the general public does not seem too angry, or even surprised, to find out the government is spying on their phone and internet use. Why is that?

Fact Checking Obama’s Big Speech

The Memorial Day weekend speech at the National Defense University was supposed to be a big policy shift. It seemed more like the President shifted media strategies, and actually changed little.

If Obama is Telling the Truth, It Could Be Worse than Lies

President Obama keeps telling us he is not aware if any of these scandals before they break open. If that is true he has lost control of his administration and many Americans’ worst fears have come true: a rogue government with no oversight that can harass any citizen for any reason at any time.

Is Obama Abandoning Obamacare?

President Obama has been conspicuously silent about Obamacare since the election. Why is he avoiding it when he should be advocating for it? Does he want to fail? What is his plan if it does?

Gun Control Politics

The sad truth about expanded background checks is that to most politicians, background checks are really about next year’s elections. But I guess that is what we get when we put political parties in charge.

Wall Street; the New Capitol of America

It has become all to clear that the government is willing to mortgage our future to Wall Street. Now the Justice Department has even admitted the banks have become too big to prosecute. If we do not break up the too big to fail banks we may lose our democracy and our economy.

Does Obama Care?

President Obama said he liked the name Obamacare because he does care. 3 years after the Affordable Care Act we take a look at the broken promises about our healthcare. If he truly does care, wouldn’t he repeal a law that made healthcare worse?

Gay Marriage

So many readers have asked for our take on gay marriage. Now that the Supreme Court will hear the issue, I suppose it is time to weigh in.

Executive Activism Will Erode Democracy

A Sheriff in Colorado has publicly stated he will not enforce Colorado’s new gun control laws. Regardless of where you stand on gun control this should raise a red flag. Just like President Obama on immigration, if we allow an executive to decide what laws are going to be valid our democracy crumbles and we have a monarchy.

Early Budget Cuts could have Stopped Sequester and War

The United States still maintains forward areas of operation all over the world. We do not need to be a global police force, and cuts to these bases could have saved the sequester–and avoided an increasingly likely war with North Korea.

Man in Japan Refused by 25 Hospitals and Dies; Could this Happen in US?

After being turned down 36 times by 25 hospitals, a 75 year old Japanese man died. We take a look at the similarities between the situation in Japan and the American healthcare system, and discuss if this could ever happen in the United States.

Does Raising the Minimum Wage Really Raise Unemployment?

President Obama wants to raise the minimum wage to $9.00 so that a full time worker earning the minimum wage will not live below the poverty level. Many argue this would increase unemployment, we explore the possibility.

The Financial State of the Union

Most people heard gun control. But during the State of the Union I heard some great ideas. If President Obama ever wants to realize them, he first has to deal with entitlement spending.

Debt is what Upsets me Most about Gun Control

President Obama has decided to put his muscle behind gun control, but he has not challenged his allies. If President Obama had the character to challenge his allies, not just his foes, he could be one of the greatest presidents of all time.

Hurricane Sandy Relief and the Debt Ceiling

The fact the 179 Congressional Republicans voted against giving aid to Hurricane Sandy victims shows that might actually be willing to push us to default to prove a point, no matter how catastrophic it is.

Where are the Women in the White House

President Obama has not nominated any women to his open top adviser positions. This is not a war on women, this is not sexism. He is just doing his job, and the fact that we are focusing on it shows how far we have to go.

Government Solves Nothing with Fiscal Cliff Deal

Think avoiding the fiscal cliff is a good thing? Think again. Congress fixed nothing, they just kicked the can again. If we do not take our debt seriously soon, and make real reforms we may find we have nowhere to borrow money from.

Would Going off the Fiscal Cliff Really be that Bad?

The media makes the fiscal cliff sound like the end of the world. What would it really be like if we go off it? Not as bad as you think. We can survive this, and in the long run we will be better for it.

Driven by Daemons; Sandy Hook Massacre and Gun Control

In the aftermath of the shootings that halted a nation I found myself conflicted over the data on gun control. I found myself wanting to limit guns, even though statistics show that will only increase violence.

If the United States Were Run Like Apple

When I first heard the intriguing statistic that Apple now has more money than the United States Treasury it got me thinking…What if the United States government were run the way Apple is run? I decided to do a little research.

The Government is Violating the 4th Amendment and Spying on You

With the ever expanding intelligence and surveillance community left unchecked, government agencies are now spying on U.S. citizens. Despite President Obama promising to end this, it has only gotten more invasive.

Is Obamacare Going to Work?

Now that we know Obamacare will officially be the law it is time to take a real look at the effects it will have. Layoffs and higher taxes are certain, but will we soon be heading for universal healthcare?

Mandates and Compromises

Looking at the exit polls, President Obama does have a mandate. He dominated moderate voters, and this is what cost Mitt Romney the White House. The moderates that decided the election rejected Mitt Romney, and have given President Obama his mandate.

Suicide of the Republican Party

The Republican Party is committing suicide. These elections showed this. It was being ultra-conservative that cost them the elections; if they insist that it was because they were not conservative enough they will fade into oblivion.

Cable News Propaganda; November 2012

It is time again for my latest installment dedicated to our brainwashing media. Apperently we do not need to know what acutally happended in Benghazi to know the President is to blame. Also, helping hurricane Sandy victims is a bad thing.

Patriotslog Apology

Patriotslog owes an apology to President Obama. It is now clear that the government acted swiftly to help the Benghazi consulate during the attack. While there are still questions that need answered, it now seems clear that the President made the correct decisions, and that he did not attempt to cover up the attack.

Politics in the Office

It is time for civility. Now more than ever we need to have the tough political discussions in our nation; they start with each of us. It is time to grow up and try to understand one another. If we cannot understand those who disagree with us politically, how can we expect to be able to solve problems?

Conservatives America

The conservative ideology has been bashed by the media for years now, but why? A little peak into the conservative paradigm might help you understand what they are really about.

Liberals America

Political philosophies are difficult to understand. Why do Liberals think the way they do? This might give you a little insight.

Say it Aint so, Lance

The evidence has been presented, and it looks convincing that Lance Armstrong cheated. This hurts more than just the world of cycling; and it made one grown man want to cry.

Incompitent Negligence or Cover Up: The Congressional Hearing on Benghazi

The evidence offered thus far in the Congressional investigation is not flattering to the State Department and Administration. We need to hear the other side of the story; we need to hear why the administration acted as they did, because the way they acted is shocking.

Is Our Alliance with Israel Worth the Trouble?

Israel has become a liability to the United States. They have spied on us, cost us billions of dollars, and may drag us into a war with Iran. It is time we asked ourselves as a nation if this is really the type of ally we want to have?

The Casualty of Truth in the Presidential Election

Politicians lie; that is common knowledge, but this election is the most dishonest in memory. Both candidates share the blame equally. When truth becomes a casualty, you and I are the collateral damage. Who is at fault for all the lying? We are.

The Radical Extremism of America

It is time for America to stop the hypocrisy. We cannot ask radical Islamic terrorists to leave extremism behind when we will not do it ourselves. Nobody has died over political ideologies…yet. If we do not stop our extremism it may only be a matter of time.

Mitt Romney’s 47%

Mitt Romney put his foot in his mouth with his comment about Americans being dependent. The whole story needs to be told so American can really understand this stat. Patriotslog tells the story.

Sex Change in Prison

A man sentenced to life without parole for strangling his wife to death has been granted a sex change surgery–and the tax payers have to foot the bill!

American Ambassador to Libya Killed in Attack

Chris Stevens, the Ambassador to Libya was killed in an attack on an American Consulate in Benghazi. The attack took place because of a video produced in America mocking the Prophet Muhammed. He is the first American diplomat killed in decades. Should this change the way Americans interact with other nations?

Energy Independence and Economic Growth

Can America become completely energy independent in less than 8 years? Mitt Romney thinks so; in face, he guarantees it. It is part of his larger guarantee: 12 million jobs.

The Slow Economic Recovery

It has been five years now, and over 12 million Americans are still unemployed–that is not even counting those who have stopped looking for jobs. The CBO has warned of another recession, and homes are still being foreclosed. Why is the recovery so slow?

Medicare on the Campaign Trial

The Presidential candidates are at each others necks arguing over who has the better Medicare plan. Each accuses the other of lying, and each insists they are right. The truth is both their pants are on fire. Neither one is telling you the whole story; both about their own plan, or about their opponent’s plan.

Why the People are the Problem

Patriotslog believes the biggest problem in America is not the Government, it is the people. Find out why you and mean force the government’s hand into making bad decisions, and why the system will not fix itself until we fix ourselves.

Taking Congress Back From Wall Street

$1,331 per minute. Would you sell your soul for that much money? The Financial Insurance and Real Estate (FIRE) sector believes Congress will. That is the amount of money they have shoveled into Capitol Hill in less than 6 years. Patriotslog discusses the problem and a possible solution.

The Big Two California Voting System

Political parties dominate the government, and too often dictate it as well. California voters have approved a system that helps take the power out of the hands of the parties and back into the hands of the people. The rest of the states should follow suit so we can have a government that represents the people; not the special interests behind the parties.

Hail to the Chief

An overview of the resent policies and accomplishments of our Commander in Chief, and these have cost President Obama at least one persons vote: mine.

The Colorado Shooting and Gun Control

Unfortunately the shootings in Aurora, Colorado have sparked a gun control debate that at times can seem push the victims into the background. Read why guns are not the problem, and how evidence indicates that if we ban guns we will get more violent crime.

The Patrerno Statue Needs to Come Down

What Joe Paterno did was selfish, callous, and wrong; but that is not who Joe Pa was. That is why the situation is to hard to understand. Joe Paterno was a good man, which is exactly why the statue needs to come down.

Why Immigration Reform Will Not Happen

Immigration reform is the right thing for our nation, and for immigrants. Unfortunately the Democrats are to busy distorting the truth and manipulating the Hispanic and Latino votes to let reform happen. Staying in power is more important than their livelihood.

The Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare

The Supreme Court has upheld the largely unpopular individual mandate. We have gone from government by the people and for the people to government bypassing the people and forcing the people. The implications of this 5-4 split decision could be deadly.

Eric Holder Held in Contempt

The Attorney General of the United States is being held in contempt of Congress. This witch is insulting to the family of Brian Terry, a border patrol agent killed by an operation “fast and furious” gun. Read about Congresses latest disappointing move.

Cable News Propaganda

Are you smart enough to think for yourself? Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC do not think so. This is why they have halted all news for opinions and propaganda. They now care more about money and manipulation than truth and journalism. Fox News recently went to far, abandoning all attempt to appear like they produce news.

Why Jesus would not have been Republican

Right and wrong are fluid concepts for the human mind, for this reason Christians see a need for Jesus. Many Republicans assume that because they are Christian their political views are in line with Jesus’. This is not true and it is dangerous for America. Without Jesus here, we cannot be sure what He would teach.

All Signs Point to more Gridlock

Dick Lugar was run out of office in his Indiana primary this week for actually doing his job. Both parties have seen this trend increasing, and it will lead to a more chaotic and gridlocked Congress then we now see. Read why partisanship and refusal to compromise is the problem, not the answer.

Anti-Obama Comments Lead to Discharge of Marine

Can the military limit the free speech of soldiers? Sgt. Stein was discharged from the Marine corps; his crime? Expressing his disapproval of President Obama. The military told him he broke code and disrespected the Commander in Chief. Is it a crime to criticize him? Can he be discharged for something he said?

What if Trayvon Martin was White?

The shooting of Trayvon Martin has ignited the racial injustice debate. Many believe if it had been a white boy shot the killer would have been arrested much sooner. The truth behind these assumptions might surprise you.

Dennis Weichel, an American Hero

A Rhode Island national guardsman gave his life to save an Afghan girl. Read the story of his ultimate sacrifice, and the deep meaning behind his actions.

The Road Not Taken; Deficit Reduction

Congress had a chance to make a real difference in our national debt, but failed to take the bold action necessary. The Simpson-Bowles tax commission has support of many budget experts and economists; find out why the government wont act.

The Good Samaritan is now a Criminal

During a snow storm in Illinois a man offered two young girls a ride home; the consequence for not wanting them to freeze: being charged with a crime. Why would caring about these girls safety make him a criminal? The only answer is in asking if he was a sexual offender.

The Supreme Court Hearing on Obamacare

The individual mandate will be the focus of the Supreme Court hearings this week. Why it should be found to be unconstitutional regardless of whether or not you agree with having it.

The Case Against War with Iran

America is not the Earth’s police force, and we need to stop attempting to be. We have threatened Iran so heavily, and they have seen us act in Iraq, that they feel a nuclear weapon is their only insurance policy against invasion. This does not mean they want violence, just protection.

The Case for War with Iran

Why war is in the collective best interest for our nation, our allies, and the world. If we allow them to continue down this path the consequences may be far greater than the few thousand troops that would die in a war.

The Aftermath of Citizens United

A discussion on how the Supreme Court decision has effected politics, both in campaigns and on Capitol Hill and a look at one Congressman’s proposed Constitutional Amendment to stop it.

The Reality of the Battle over Contraception

The battle over President Obama’s contraception mandate for religious institutions really can be measured by one issue: Freedom of Religion.

Rejuvenating the Economy by Refinancing Mortgages

Discussing the foreclosure settlement reached to compensate an relieve those affected by illegal foreclosure practices, as well as President Obama’s proposal to help refinance underwater mortgages and whether or not this is good for the economy and the people.

Reforming American Public Education

A discussion about the benefits and detriments many of the ideas to reform the public education system in order to meet the President’s goal of out-educating our competitors.

Why Four Marines Shook the World

After a video surfaced apparently showing four Marines urinating on dead Taliban soldiers, America is split in its opinion of the matter, and the world is outraged. A discussion of why each view is legitimate and how each view needs to be understood.

Pennsylvanians Witnesses Heroism, as Teachers Work for Free

After massive budget cuts in Pennsylvania, a group of teachers decided they would work for free when they learned their salaries could not be paid. Featured is a discussion of the education cuts, and the effects they may have; as well as discussion about the possibility of a better way to cut expenses.

Obama Sets New Precedent: Making Recess Appointments with the Senate in Session

A discussion on President Obama’s controversial recess appointments to the CFPB and NLRB. Why Republicans are angry, what the decision means for the future of the presidency, and the benefits and hazards to the decision in setting this precedent.

Dysfunctional Congress

Scholars and historians have come to a startling conclusion: the 112th Congress is the most dysfunctional Congress since Civil War times. Featured is discussion and commentary on what that means for common citizens.

United States Awarded “Most Charitable Nation”

A tribute to the most charitable nation on Earth, and to the generous people and organizations which make this nation great.

Payroll Tax Extension

A look into the Senate two-month extension of the payroll tax and if it can be and should be extended through 2012. The effects and costs of the cuts are also discussed.

Constitutional Rights and Terrorism

A discussion on how to safely deal with American citizens who are terrorists without violating or endangering the rights of the common people, brought about by the National Defense Authorization Act passed by the Senate in 2012.

Judge Rejects Settlement Between SEC and Citigroup

Judge Jed Rakoff, a New York Judge has rejected a deal between the SEC and Citigroup, giving Americans a hope that justice may be served in the financial collapse.

Gutting Justice; the Irresponsible Cuts Facing Our Court System

An article detailing the crisis facing the nation’s court systems due to lack of funding, and the consequences which may come from it.

How Obama Health Reform Will Hurt Americans

Commentary on the decision of the Supreme Court to hear arguments on “Obamacare”. Also discussed is why it should be ruled unconstitutional because it is detrimental to public health, safety, and welfare.

Life, Liberty, and Abortion

An objective look at the constitutionality and legality of abortion, particularly pertaining to Mississippi Amendment 26, to be voted on in the 2011 state election. This article contains unbiased views on why abortion is so hard to legislate, and why society fights so fiercely over the issue.

Reforming the American Tax Code

An overview of the tax proposals on the table for the 2012 presidential election, and the impact they could have on the American economy.

How to Fix Washington Gridlock

A look at why Capitol Hill is angering most Americans, what is causing the gridlock, who is responsible and how we can fix it.

The Deterioration of Occupy Wall Street

Why the Occupy Wall Street protests have lost their purpose and meaning, and become a stain on America.

Drug Tests for Welfare; is Florida Out of Bounds?

Examining the results of the law in Florida which requires all welfare applicants to pass a drug screening before receiving their aid.

Is Occupy Wall Street the Liberal Tea Party?

A look at the purposes and causes of Occupy Wall Street, and determining if the protest will form or has formed a left wing equiviant of the Tea Party, as many state.

Republican Hypocrisy

How the Republican party is attempting to manipulate the electoral college to help their chances in the 2012 Presidential Election, and why it is blatant hypocrisy.

A Right to Privacy

A discussion on the so called “right to privacy” derived from the Bill of Rights, and whether or not the FBI violated that with warrentless GPS tracking in the investigation of a major drug dealer.

Occupying Wall Street

Looking at Occupy Wall Street protests, and discussing its purpose, causes, and validity.

Creating American Jobs; Now and in the Future

Discussing President Obama’s proposed American Jobs Act, and how it could affect the economy, as well as the counter proposals from Republican representatives who oppose the American Jobs Act.

American Poverty

An examination of the American population living in poverty, and what it reveals about our nation.

A Decade Later

Remembering 9/11 and examining some the effect it has had on our nation and the world.

Reaching Across the Isle

An introduction to the American Jobs Act, and discussion on why it would be helpful for America.

Securing our National Security

Discussing the unredacted WikiLeaks cables released to the public which put many lives, American and foreign, in danger, and how they could affect operations.

It is Time to for America to Re-finance

Examining the revenue and spending problem in Congress, and discussing why the Republicans need to agree to higher tax rates.

Michelle Bachmann: Pumping in Votes at $2.00 per Gallon

Michelle Bachmann promised voters that if she was elected President she would personally see to it that gas prices fall dramatically.

Politics or Policies: Which Really Matters in Washington?

How the Debt Ceiling agreement is an insult to America from the Democratic party, and why they care about keeping power more than about serving the nation.

What the Death of Bin Laden Really Tells us About Americans

When Osama Bin Laden was killed, Americans celebrated and made sweeping statements of judgement. What would a non-biased observer see in their reaction?

Truth: For Our Nation, Our Children, and Our Future

A Discussion on how religion can be taught in public schools without violating the Constitution, and examining the desperate need for our children to learn religion and culture.

  1. The Supreme Court has ruled in a majority decision that part of the legislation governing control orders is invalid.

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