Driven by Demons; Sandy Hook Massacre and Gun Control

George Stephanopoulos said it best; Adam Lanza was driven by demons when he shot his way into Sandy Hook Elementary and murdered 20 innocent children, and 6 heroic adults who attempted to stop him. When the tragedy in Aurora Colorado happened I wrote that gun control would not stop this violence. Now I have to second guess myself. These were 20 pure souls lost to the rage of a mad man; I thought of my own young child and how the innocence of children—unconditionally loving, trusting, giving, and altruistic—might forever be shattered by this. But children are resilient; children have a way of moving on us adults often lack. Regardless, there cannot be enough prayers said for the children and their families.

Friday I found myself wanting gun control, wanting to get rid of the weapons that can end so much life so quickly. I found myself agreeing with those on the left wing who ask, “Hasn’t enough life been lost?” “When is enough, enough?” and “What will it take to fix this?” I have asked myself that question more times than I can count over the last 3 days; what will it take to fix this? To find out, I had to research the data.

I cannot hide my anger, my agony, my confusion, or my lost conviction that have resulted from Friday’s tragedy. Even as I write this I still feel so conflicted by what I want, and what the data portrays. As badly as I feel like we should restrict guns, the data still tells me that we should not. Even as I write this I question the data, and lose confidence in my own research, but I cannot deny facts. Facts, above all else, need to be told in this now raging gun control debate.FBI_Declining_Crime_Rates_xlarge

The theory that eliminating guns—even if entirely—will eliminate violence has one glaring flaw. Guns do not kill people; they never have and they never will. People kill people, whether they have a gun or not. I would recommend everyone read the book “More Guns, Less Crime” by Sociologist John R. Lott Jr. He breaks down in painstaking detail the data on firearms in society. His conclusion is simple, and it is backed up by data; the more firearms that are possessed by responsible citizens, the less violent crime results. Our problem does not lie with guns, our problem lies with people. No amount of gun control could have stopped this tragedy because Adam Lanza did not buy his guns; he stole them. Even if we were to take away all guns, it would not stop this. Crazed radicals committed to suicide, as Adam Lanza was, would simply do what others have done when they had no gun available; us bombs. The deadliest school killing in history did not come from guns; it was in 1927, and the perpetrator used explosives.

Still, that does not change what happened Friday. That does not change that in school shootings since Columbine there have been an average of about 7 students (8 if we include Columbine, which we should) killed every year. Those numbers do not even include the shootings in places such as the Aurora movie theatre, the Sikh Temple in WI, or the Tucson, AZ shooting. The fact that, according to John Lott’s research, deaths from mass shootings in areas that allow guns are down 78% does not change what happened Friday. The fact that the violent crime rate in America is half that of Canada and far lower than other developed nations, where there are stricter gun control laws, does not change what happened Friday. None of this will bring a single life back. The fact that violent crime has dropped significantly in Chicago since the Supreme Court overturned a ban on guns does not change the fact that a child who may have cured cancer, who may have been President, who may have brought peace to warring nations, or who may have ended poverty is now gone forever.

chicago                My heart is harrowed because I wish it was as simple as passing gun control laws to stop this; but it is not. In nations, such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Jamaica, and others the violent crime rate has risen since gun control laws were passed. Japan seems to be the lone exception to this pattern. When gun control laws were passed in D.C. the crime rate stayed equal at the same time it fell in neighboring Baltimore, where gun control laws were not passed. When the Brady Bill was passed, banning assault weapons, it had no effect on violent crime, and when it expired experts predicted crime would soar overnight; instead, it continued its downward trend with no change. Gun control advocates will point to Australia for support. After a school shooting on the island state of Tasmania Australia imposed very strict gun control laws, but this actually lessened the downward trend of violent crime. It continued to fall, but it fell slower than before the ban. Personally, I have lived in Australia, and have never seen any place more violent. That includes the west Louisville suburb of Portland, KY which is not far from where I grew up, and has been one of the more violent places in the nation in recent years.

It is very telling that most of these shootings take place in gun free zones. In Aurora for instance, James Holmes chose the only movie theatre within a 20 minute drive that did not allow patrons to carry firearms inside. He did not choose the theatre closest to him, he did not choose the theatre with the largest screen or seating capacity, he chose the one that banned guns. I am not trying to say, as callous Second Amendment advocates have, that the blood of these children is on the hands of gun control advocates; that is as ridiculous as gun control advocates insisting that Second Amendment advocates do not want to stop these shootings because of their support for guns. But to my knowledge, there is only one time that additional bystanders were hurt because people stepped in to stop violence, and that was the shootings outside the Empire State Building in NY in which law enforcement shot the additional victims. I could not find a single instance in which a citizen shot another citizen while stopping a mass shooting. If you know of one, please email me, because I could not find one.more-guns-less-crime

Some of the gun reform being proposed now seems to come from people who know little about guns. The propose a ban to “assault weapons” because they are semi-automatic weapons used to kill; but many, if not most hunting rifles are now semi-automatic as well and could cause the same loss of life. Moreover, the assault weapons ban under Clinton had no effect on crime. Others propose limiting the size of magazines to 10 rounds of ammunition because the standard 30 round magazine is too dangerous, but in most guns it takes mere seconds to reload a clip, and that process can be sped up by taping two clips together. What surprises me is that nobody is talking about body armor. In at least two cases this year shooters donned body armor, making them much more difficult to stop and apprehend even if there had been someone with a gun who could have done so. I cannot think of any reason why any person in the United States would need body armor unless they are law enforcement or military. Yet national law is very lax on its purchase, and local law is also very unfettering in most places. Why is this? Body armor should not be available to average citizens because more often than not it is used for crime. Moreover, why do we have to have every single vehicle licensed and registered but not every single gun? If you buy a car at an auto show or from someone in your neighborhood you still have to register it; why, if you buy a gun from a gun show or from a neighbor do you not have to undergo a background check or register it? This makes as much sense as requiring a photo ID to drive, go on a plan, drink, buy cigarettes, buy prescriptions, or go to college, but not to vote. Every gun needs to be registered, and every purchase subject to background checks. Estimates are that as much as 40% of firearm purchases escape these precautions.

Even still, those reforms may not have saved a single life on Friday. Banning guns may save students’ lives and end violence in schools, but they will result in on overall increase in violence throughout the rest of the nation. Is that worth it? How do you tell mothers that their children are now subject to a less safe society so other children can have a more safe school house? How do justify saving 8 lives of students per year for the cost of more than that outside of school? I cannot, can you? Gun control laws will not stop the violence in this nation. We have seen from other nations that it may increase it. This is clear evidence that responsible gun ownership makes us safer; I have yet to hear anything but anecdotes from gun control advocates supporting their case. Again, if you have evidence, please email me. As far as the data is concerned, gun control seems like a bad idea.

I want the easiest answer, as you do, but there is no easy answer. There is no law that will stop this. There is no law that can bring these lives back. Guns do not kill people; people kill people, whether they have a gun or not. No law, no regulation, no punishment will change that. We can make some changes, and we need to; but we cannot ban guns and make our nation more dangerous. I want to be wrong, I want to second guess myself, I want there to be an answer for this violence; but the data we have does not provide one. It is not a gun problem, it is a people problem. And people are much harder to change than guns; I suppose that is why I feel so conflicted.

–Matt Young

16 December, 2012


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I am studying to achieve a double major in political science and journalism from the University of Kentucky. I am married to a wonderful woman named Sierra. I am starting this blog because I feel the political climate in Washington is carving deep canyons for our children to climb out of. Our representatives, on both sides of the isle, do not represent us, they represent the lobbyists.This blog is not to give answers, but to make people think. I believe the more we think about our ideas the better they will become; as opposed to becoming more and more intrenched in far left or right wing brainwash, where it seems nobody thinks anymore. I hope y'all enjoy.

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  1. Nicely said, Makell!! I agree with everything you said except that I don’t believe that we need stricter rules on owning and obtaining guns. But yes…gun control is NEVER going to fix this! They will get a gun somehow…just like people get drugs now…illegally. You never hear about people with conceal carry permits committing crime. We are the ones that can help stop crime if we see it happening. The criminals are the ones that will get the gun or weapon somehow…always illegally. Good article!

  2. This data is extremely skewed and is wrong. Logic would have it (and logic wins) that you make guns harder to get then crimes with guns will go down. To say otherwise either means you are mental, or you just don’t want to get off your lazy ass and do something. You are problem not the solution.

    • I believe this article was written well. The way people choose to act is the problem. I agree that stricter rules can be put in place for having guns, etc, but if guns are banned then people will still find a way to get them if that is their weapon of choice….just as people get illegal drugs, and as they still drank and made alcohol during prohibition. There’s tons of examples. Another thought, if guns were banned, then those people who get them to use anyway may feel that much more confident in committing the crime if they know they’re not at that much more of a risk being shot back at….that is logical thinking to me.

    • Please Bradley, if you can show me where it is skewed or where it is wrong I would be happy to take a look. If banning guns was the answer I would be on board! The problem is that all the available data shows that more guns make less crime. I know that makes no sense, but that is what the data shows. It is counter-intuitive, the same way higher taxes create more jobs; it makes no sense that it would work that way, but it does. The numbers and data that show gun control increases crime have never been disproven; the more they are researched the more they are supported. If you know of some research that I do not, please email me, and if the research is legitimate I will be the first person to support it. But as of right now, the research shows that gun control is not the answer; that is all I really want, to find an answer.

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