Mandates and Compromises

                In 2008 it was hope and change. The buzzwords flying around Washington after this election are mandate and compromise. Does the President have a mandate? If so, for what and how strong is it? Patriotslog has two specific take-aways from this election: 1. most independents that we have spoken with did not vote for Barack Obama as much as they did against the radicalism of the Republican Party. 2. Mitt Romney was right; 47% of Americans were always going to vote for President Obama. However, he was wrong in saying who they were. Socioeconomics have little to do with the division of our nation; the 47% were not those who felt they were victims and were looking for a handout, it was the 47% that were default liberal, the MSNBC 47%, the 47% that never question Democrats, and never believe Republicans. But Mitt Romney had his own 47%; they were the polar opposites, the Fox News 47%.

That meant 6% of the vote was up for grabs on November 6th. Both candidates knew this and isolated their campaigning to a core set of seven to eight states. The decisiveness with which President Obama dominated these swing states shocked the political world, and sent a clear message: it is time for our government to govern, bitter party politics need to be bound, gagged, knocked unconscious and thrown in the trunk so we can start thinking about real solutions. The nation will not stand for a government that has one half of its members refuse to work with the other half, and the leader of one party say that it is his job to make sure the President fails. Each half of our government was cheering for the other half to fail, and the voters stepped in and made it clear that if our nation does not play as a team, those who refuse to help out will be punished. President Obama easily won the moderate vote in all eight swing states, and won the independents—the ones Romney was sure he would win—in half of those swing states.

Now the question in the post-election political world is how much if any of a mandate does President Obama have? Republicans argue that President Obama might have had a decisive victory in the Electoral College, but because it was a close popular vote he does not have the mandate he thinks he has. Despite the fact that we did not think the President deserved a second term, Patriotslog does see a very clear mandate for the President when one breaks down the numbers.

The Fox 47 and the MSNBC 47 were always going to vote for their party, even if their candidate was Mahmud Ahmadinejad. This is why every election since the Cable News Propaganda machines began churning out their hallucinogens have revolved around the small percentage of voters honest enough to vote for the man, not the party. It is the reason people outside of swing states got almost no attention. If we use this uninebriated small percentage to interpret the election, we can really see how dominant the President was on November 6th. Of the voters who were really at stake in this election, President Obama was by far the favored candidate. He won every swing state except North Carolina.

The Republican Party is now obsessed with why they lost the election; no Latino support, no support from the younger voters, or whether or not Mitt Romney was conservative enough. All of these are relevant discussions for the future, but as far as 2012 goes, Mitt Romney lost because moderates rejected his plan. The politically unbiased population did not trust Mitt Romney. Exit polls show that people clearly believed Barack Obama cared more about the middle class than Mitt Romney, and they believed he would do more for the middle class if re-elected. This election fell to the moderates, which overwhelmingly rejected the Republican Party. President Obama does have a mandate; he won the election because he won moderates; he won the moderates because of his plan.

The majority of the nation agrees with President Obama and Warren Buffett; taxes need to be raised on the rich. The moderates made that clear on Election Day. If these people had gone the way of less taxes and Mitt Romney, we would have a new president. They did not; we do not; and this is why President Obama has a mandate–the moderates that he owes his second term to have given it to him. Patriotslog was clear that we did not believe the President should have a second term; however, now he does, and along with comes a mandate, whether the Republicans like it or not.

Republicans are trying to save face with their base. “We will agree to raise revenue, but not tax rates” is a statement that really says “we are wrong, the American people have told us this, but we refuse to admit it.” To raise revenue, but not rates means to eliminate deductions, thereby raising taxes on everyone the same as if they had raised rates without eliminating deductions. But refusing to raise rates tickles the tea party–the base that really participates in the party politics. If they alienate the tea party, they might break from the Republican Party and start their own party. Republican brass is terrified of this because they fear it would split the conservative vote, and the Democrats would win every election for years to come. While this is debatable and a split may actually help Republicans win moderates and minorities, it is not viewed that way at the moment.

Everything in politics is an at the moment measurement; this is why Congress has kept “kicking the can down the road” as they say. At this moment, the President does have a mandate, and so do Republicans. Raise taxes while you cut spending, even if that means raising rates on the rich. The moderates demanded it. If the Republicans can learn one lesson for the immediate future from this election it is that they must make the moderates believe in them. It is time to accept the mandate.


–Matt Young

15 November, 2012


About patriotslog

I am studying to achieve a double major in political science and journalism from the University of Kentucky. I am married to a wonderful woman named Sierra. I am starting this blog because I feel the political climate in Washington is carving deep canyons for our children to climb out of. Our representatives, on both sides of the isle, do not represent us, they represent the lobbyists.This blog is not to give answers, but to make people think. I believe the more we think about our ideas the better they will become; as opposed to becoming more and more intrenched in far left or right wing brainwash, where it seems nobody thinks anymore. I hope y'all enjoy.

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