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***EDITORS NOTE: This article is to be read in conjunction with “Liberals America”.

                People are naturally good. Mankind is the handiwork of a loving and benevolent God who instilled his qualities in our human nature. Of course some people make bad decisions, but this is because they ignore their inner light and do not follow their conscience. If every person would be true and faithful to their God, there would be no need for government. If you leave mankind to themselves, society will function properly. Because people are generally good, they will help their neighbor, they will give to the poor, they will put others first, and they will treat others the way they want to be treated. Unfortunately, history shows us that there are, though rare, men who desire power and become tyrants over other men. The purpose of the government is to protect the people from these tyrants. Because the world increasingly denies God and ignores his teachings, these tyrants that used to be so rare are now increasing in numbers.

It follows logical deduction that if the purpose of government is to protect the people from tyrants so that they can live their own lives, then the most important human right is freedom. Only through the dignity of freedom can mankind enjoy the life their Divine Creator intended them to have. Freedom includes religious liberty. This is vital to the soul of mankind. Without religious liberty there can be no religious worship; without religious worship mankind will not help their neighbor, give to the poor, put others first, or treat others the way they want to be treated. Because this is essential to a successful society, what government a society does have–which must be limited in order to insure mankind’s divine right to freedom–must be based on core religious principles.

Central government should only serve to protect the people, and have no other function; all other governing functions should be at the local level only, where the officials are closest to the people and understand the needs and direction of the community. Regulations on commerce should be minimum (if they exist at all) and should only occur when absolutely necessary. Commerce is the livelihood of society, and will produce the growth required to sustain a successful life for each citizen. Successfulness in commerce is achieved through hard work and innovation.

God has distilled in some of his children a greater capacity for certain functions; among these include love, care, work, intelligence, philosophy and so on. This is called natural selection. Those most gifted in commerce will gain the most because every person will be rewarded by their own industry. Taxes infringe upon the freedom of each individual to create their own livelihood and should be kept to a minimum in order to pay only for necessary government functions. Because each person will have an equal opportunity to become successful, every person should pay an equal percentage of their income in taxes (flat tax), no matter what a person earns.

Each citizen will be expected to work to earn their living; it is not fair for some to work in order to provide for others. Because mankind is naturally altruistic, having the divine qualities God instilled in them, those who, for whatever reason, are not physically able to work can and will be provided for by their neighbors, their churches, and local charities. The government has no place to provide for them because the government has no right to determine winners and losers; their only duty is to protect citizens so they have the freedom to seek their own success. It is morally wrong for the government to take from one and give to another; this is the beginnings of tyranny, and is a slippery slope that will lead to someone forcibly taking away the freedom that God has granted as a divine right.

                Because each person is a child of God there must be laws that morally govern people based on divine principals. Among these is a severe punishment for abortion. Every life is sacred and divinely intended; to abort a child is to kill a child, this infringes upon the God-given freedom of that child. Religious principals are clear: if a man takes a life, their life must be paid to meet out justice; this should include abortions. The scientific opinion of the day is irrelevant because all truth revolves around God, and science is a developing concept. If mankind were truly to understand the truths of the universe in their entirety they would line up exactly with the divine truths of God, for they are one in the same. Therefore, the scientific opinion of the day, because it is subject to change, should only be considered when it does not contradict moral standards.

There will be no exceptions to this law regarding abortion because this is the morally correct policy. Pregnancies that result from rape, incest, or result in a danger to the life of the mother will not be given exception because every life and pregnancy is God’s will. Life begins at conception, and humans do not have the right to take away the life God intended to create with each conception. If the life of the mother is in danger, this is in the hands of God. All medical treatment must obviously be exhausted, but if God should so choose that the baby live and the mother die, it is the will of God, and man cannot intervene.

Because guns can protect freedom and property there should be no restriction on the sale and trade of firearms and ammunition. Guns are essential in protecting against a tyrannical authority attempting to take away the divine right of freedom. Healthcare, as part of the economy should be offered by private markets only. The central government has no place in the healthcare industry. Because people are generally good, being instilled with divine qualities, each doctor, hospital and patient will be honest in their dealings as long as the government maintains a strong moral based society.

Gay marriage, being unnatural and sinful, should never be permitted. Marriage is to be only a relationship with one man and one woman. The purpose of marriage is to raise a family in order to have citizens live morally and contribute to society. Because homosexual couples cannot naturally conceive a child they should not be allowed to marry. Because this is sinful it will lead to degradation in the moral standards of society. If this happens the divine nature of altruism will be affected because people will not be able to live in harmony. When this is the case the God-given right of freedom is diminished. Homosexuals will not be allowed to marry.

               Drugs will be at the discretion of the doctor only. Narcotics have the same effect on society as gay marriage. After the moral integrity of society is compromised, the freedom diminishes. No man has the right to take away the most basic human right of freedom. Therefore, drugs will not be authorized, and alcohol and tobacco must be heavily restricted.

Immigration must also be heavily restricted. Different people bring different values and culture into this nation. If we allow immigrants to come who do not wish to work, or who bring immoral practices or false religions into our nation the structure of society will fail. Because their values may not be in line with ours, they will contribute to crime as well. These problems are at no fault of their own, but stem from a difference of culture. Immigrants who do qualify to enter will need to be thoroughly cultured so as to contribute to and ensure the continuation of a harmonic, divinely guided, society based on liberty. Because above all else, freedom must never be taken away.


–Matt Young

28 October, 2012


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I am studying to achieve a double major in political science and journalism from the University of Kentucky. I am married to a wonderful woman named Sierra. I am starting this blog because I feel the political climate in Washington is carving deep canyons for our children to climb out of. Our representatives, on both sides of the isle, do not represent us, they represent the lobbyists.This blog is not to give answers, but to make people think. I believe the more we think about our ideas the better they will become; as opposed to becoming more and more intrenched in far left or right wing brainwash, where it seems nobody thinks anymore. I hope y'all enjoy.

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