Sex Change in Prison

The title alone is going to be enough to make some people angry; this is the climate in our nation. Is a sex change a legitimate medical surgery? Or is it merely a cosmetic procedure to make a person more comfortable with their own body? Is there even a correct answer? Surely somebody who feels they are stuck in the wrong body; that their mind and body do not match gender, is not in any medical danger which would require surgery. Then again, when I nearly severed two fingers and had to have all major structures repaired in surgery, one could argue that I was not in any medical danger. If I cleaned and bandaged up the wounds, or just cut off the little remaining skin there was, I could live without being in medical danger minus two fingers. Then again, a sex change is elective, whereas cutting my fingers off was not. Moreover, with my fingers there was a chance for major blood loss and infection.

As if a sex change surgery alone is not controversial enough, my next question only intensifies the debate. Should a convicted murderer be allowed to have a sex change surgery in prison, paid for by tax payer dollars? That is exactly what U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf has done in Massachusetts for a convicted murderer in Massachusetts who sued for a sex change. A man–at least for now–in a Massachusetts prison strangled his wife to death, and was convicted with a life sentence. Now Michelle Kosilek will have a sex change surgery, and you and I will pay for it.

                To Patriotslog this is not an equality issue, or a bigotry issue, or even a human rights issue. This is a justice issue. If it was not bad enough that convicted felons in federal prisons have satellite TV, video game systems, get to keep pets, and practically live in a fitness center, now they will also get free elective surgery. Of course, prisons are not resorts, particularly for dangerous inmates; but in the prison tours I have taken these are the observations that have been clear. Prisoners are too often given privileges, lest the actually be punished (however, things like video games and satellite TV do help keep the inmates out of trouble). Now, in order to make sure this man is completely comfortable in his life and his emotional need, we are going to pay to make a convicted murderer a convicted murderess. This is not the end of it; the surgery raises a critical legal question. Will Michelle now be housed in a male or female penitentiary? If Michelle is allowed to change to a female prison, will other prisoners sue for a sex change in order to be able to change to the prison of the opposite sex? I am not saying this scenario is likely, only that it needs to be considered. If it were to happen tax payers could be footing the bill for hundreds of sex changes each year…where is the appropriation for that in the government’s budget?

Imagine how you might feel if you were the family of the woman this felon strangled to death? Not only have you lost your daughter, your sister, or your friend, but now the man responsible for it is being granted his ultimate wish–and you are helping to pay for that! There is not even a drop of justice in the hormones Michelle Kosilek is now receiving. A woman is gone forever, and because our society is uber sensitive to the needs of felons, her murderer is going to have a surgery covered in part by the family of the woman he murdered–a surgery that their own healthcare plan would not cover for one of them. It would be understandable if they felt this man was being rewarded for the murder.

                Now, for the hypocrites out there who are going to cry bigotry against the LGBT community that do not understand bigotry goes both ways, let me make clear that I have no problem with Kosilek having a sex change surgery. If this is who he is, or how he feels, or what he needs that is his prerogative and none of my business–if he paid for it himself. If he had a trust fund or large bank account stocked away before he murdered his wife I would say that he is exactly within his rights to pay for the surgery himself. However, that is not the case. This man, who has been deemed unfit to live in society because he is mentally deranged enough to strangle his wife, is now asking society to foot the bill on a surgery most of us cannot get and cannot afford. I see no good reason why the same society this man is a detriment to, and a murderer of should be responsible for his anomaly of anatomy. We can only hope the judges in Colorado, California, Idaho, and Wisconsin, where similar suits are taking place, are more sensible than Judge Wolf. In many societies, both today and throughout history, this man would have been given the death penalty. I am not suggesting that that is what he deserves, I do not know the details of his case; however, when many would give him the death penalty, we give him a sex change. There is something wrong with that picture.

–Matt Young





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Sex change in prison


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