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Medicare on the Campaign Trail

Medicare. Mention the word at a dinner party, and you will engender some of the most passionate and diverse opinions available to public debate. Google it and you get 106 million results. Yet both presidential candidates are attempting to reduce it to a few sound bites. I am not going to attempt to summarize the Medicare program; last time I did that for a candidate it took me several thousand words of jargon that amounted to less excitement than a party with your in-laws extended family. All you need to know is this: Mitt Romney says Barack Obama is lying, and Barack Obama says Mitt Romney is lying. The irony in it is that they are both right.

It aint right.” Four years ago that was President Obama’s stance on an $800 billion cut to Medicare. Now, Obama proposes a cut from Medicare that will add 8 more solvent years to the program. At $716 billion, that is the most expensive, and hypocritical Band-Aid in history. President Obama claims it to be a fix, that the money is targeting waste and fraud, and that retirees will not lose any coverage or benefits. What he does not say is that it will be used to pay for the massive spending that will come from Obamacare; not a penny will cut the deficit. Read the rest of this entry

Why the People are to Problem

Last week Patriotslog published an article about the new California voting system in which I stated why I believe that the people, not the government are the biggest problem in this country. There has been feedback from readers wondering why I feel this way? If I had to say why the people are the problem in one sentence it would be the old saying that we want to have our cake and eat it too. We want it all, and we want it now. An article titled “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All” makes national headlines as if that statement is a revelation; as if that should shock some people or create a grassroots political movement that demands change. Guess what? Nobody can have it all, no matter who you are. The idea that we think we should, or even that we can at all, is the fundamental root of the problem. Read the rest of this entry

Taking Congress Back From Wall Street

$1,331 per minute. No, that is not Mitt Romney’s average earned income; that number is much smaller. Nor is it the rate of growth of the federal deficit; that number is much bigger. In fact this number is nearly as frightening as the federal deficit when one considers the implications. So what would you do with $1,331every minute? If you said throw it away lobbying government and forking out campaign contributions, well, that would make you crazy. Unfortunately, that would also make you Wall Street.

According to Global Exchange’s Elect Democracy effort, the Financial Insurance and Real Estate (FIRE) sector has given $4.2 Billion combined in lobbying and campaign contributions in just the last 5 1/2 years. $879 million alone has gone directly into campaigns to re-elect the same cronies who allowed Wall Street to hold the economy for ransom, then negotiated with these capitalism terrorists using your money and my money to pay the ransom. Now we should unshackle Wall Street? Before FDR put in banking regulations the financial sector had a collapse an average of every six years. Guess how many years it took for this collapse after Congress deregulated the financial sector? Apparently our esteemed representatives on Capitol Hill are not intelligent enough to connect the dots. If you said six, you are smarter than your Congressman. Read the rest of this entry

The Big Two California Voting System

The government has problems, everybody knows this; Congress stagnates at historically low approval rating, and nobody in their right mind trusts the government. Perhaps most disturbing is that party rhetoric seems to be pushing an all-out assault on patriotism and civility. What is best for Republicans or what is best for Democrats has become a more primary concern than what is best for Americans. The lust for power is nearly all consuming inside these parties. All this considered, Patriotslog holds the stance (and quite controversially we have come to find) that government is not the problem; we the people are.

Time and again Congress offers a paltry sacrifice to the idols of reform only to find everything stay exactly as it has always been. There is a fundamental flaw with this expectation; the only person in history to ever voluntarily relinquish power was George Washington. Government will not limit their own authority, nor can we reasonably expect them to do so.  It conflicts with the nature of humanity to limit one’s own power, and few of us would do the same in our own lives. It is we the people who must limit the power of government, because it is we the people from whom the government derives their consent to govern. Read the rest of this entry

Hail to the Chief

President Obama has changed tunes and started singing his re-election song; to Patriotslog, it sounds off key. Until recently, I probably would have voted for President Obama to have a second term; not that I think he is a great President, just that I am not thrilled with any other option we have. Aside from the terrible assault on freedom that is the individual mandate, I did not really have a problem with anything President Obama has done in his first term; until he began his campaign. Though he has excelled in national security, his recent antics have been so outrageous that he no longer has my vote.

OUTSOURCER IN CHIEF: The attacks on Mitt Romney illustrate exactly how desperate the President is to slur his image. Attempt after attempt to pin outsourcing at Bain Capital to Mitt Romney are not only ridiculous, they are pathetic. Mitt Romney took a leave of absence from Bain, and literally fixed the 2002 Winter Olympics. For anyone who is familiar with business–and this makes it appear that President Obama is not–a leave of absence is a standard practice. Mitt Romney retained his title and position at the company, but had no managing influence or day to day control over Bain. Yes they outsourced jobs, but Mitt Romney had nothing to do with that. This is directly parable to a star athlete being injured; they are still part of the team, however they have no influence over the outcome of games. It would be ridiculous for a coach to blame an injured athlete for a loss, yet this is what Obama is trying to do. If you do not follow that logic, then use this logic to reconsider. There are many witnesses and accounts of Mitt Romney working 16 hours a day to turn around the Olympics; it is not only highly unlikely, but nearly impossible that he could have done this while managing Bain at the same time. Moreover, it is not just ironic, but down right hypocritical for the President to claim some moral high ground on the basis of outsourcing. An amateur attempt at research easily reveals that more jobs have been outsourced and lost under President Obama than under nearly any other President–and he has not even served one full term. Read the rest of this entry

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