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The Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare

You heard it here first. Patriotslog reporting live from the Supreme Court on the decision finally made regarding the Obesity Initiative for Nutrition and Care act of 2048, commonly referred to as OINK. After being tied up in the court system for six years we finally have the verdict. According to the 8 to 7 split decision on the Supreme Court, the government can in fact create mandatory diet plans for all residents (both citizens and illegal immigrants via the Immigration compromise of 2023) of the United States. It is expected that former First Lady Michelle Obama will be delivering an address on her lifelong initiative from her home any minute now. After her many years of hard work and dedication to “save Americans from themselves”, we may finally see the national obesity rate drop below 96%. Former Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann is refusing to comment on the ruling, and in an apparent attempt to starve herself to death in protest has barricaded herself in her nursing home room, refusing to speak to anyone. Her only correspondence is a hand written sign taped to the outside of her door which states: “They can tell me what to eat, but the sure can’t force me to eat it.” Not yet, anyway. However, one has to wonder how long it will be until legislation is passed which states they can. Read the rest of this entry


Eric Holder Held in Contempt

Patriotslog has long avoided the topic of the “fast and furious” scandal simply because there is too much speculation out there, and it is too often being taken as fact. The fact is we do not know the greater part of the details pertaining to this operation. Patriotslog has always believed that one must know the facts on matters such as these when the subject is so sensitive. However, this week the Republicans in Congress decided to hold Attorney General under contempt of Congress for failing to turn over a few key documents pertaining to the operation.
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Cable News Propaganda

In the fall of 1995 Time Warner Cable and Turner Broadcasting struck a deal that would allow the entertainment giant of Time Warner to acquire Turner. Many have argued that real journalism is dead, and they can point to this acquisition as the genesis of the demise. Turner Broadcasting was the company which produced CNN, and when it was sold the news channel stopped being about news and started being about ratings. Since that day we have gradually gotten to where we are today; three 24 hour cable news channels devoted to nothing but… propaganda.

CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC; the three largest propaganda stations have mutated from news and journalism into biased opinions and agenda analysis with the attempt to woo viewers into becoming fans by confirming their pre-determined views. Just about the only truth we can get from these stations is that only telling one side of the story never results in anything good for America. Americans want to be told their political views are correct; therefore they tune into the propaganda station which suits their views best and have their opinions confirmed by biased coverage and half told stories. The act of ignoring reality and choosing only to listen and consider one’s own perspective is called cognitive dissonance. Simply because one does not like what they hear does not make it true. Many of the history’s best ideas and bravest advancements have been what people did not want to hear. Galileo, Einstein, Columbus, and even Jesus are just a few of the most influential authors of ideas that people initially did not want to hear. Can you imagine an entire world that refused to investigate any of these ideas simply because they did not like what they might find? People ought to always seek out new perspectives, because if the opinions one has cannot withstand challenging, they are not worth having in the first place. Read the rest of this entry

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