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Why Jesus would not have been Republican

In political discussions and arguments conservatives often try to claim the moral high ground on issues as if that gives them some kind of political authority. This is done because the “religious right”, as the media has termed them often; believe that as Christians they stand where Jesus stands. In my interactions with conservatives I often hear them frame their political arguments in terms of right and wrong, and sometimes even as wickedness versus righteousness.

As an active and practicing Christian this concerns me for two reasons: first, it has been my experience that a large majority of Christians tend to think of the Bible from an American perspective. This is no fault of their own; it is often said culture is the hardest thing to change, and having lived oversees I know there is profound truth in that statement. In order to truly understand Jesus, the Bible must be taken in context. If we only read the Bible for its words and not for its context and meaning then we lose half of its value, and for Christians, half of the message the Lord intended for his believers to have. For example, the statement in Matthew that after discovering her immaculate conception, Joseph, because he was a just man, sought to put Mary away (have her killed) privily. From an American perspective this seems harsh, and his change of heart after being visited by an angel looks as though the Angel had to humble Joseph. This is not the case. The religious elite of the day considered it a moral obligation to put an adulterer to death. The fact that Joseph listened to the angel is not a sign he needed humbled, but a sign of his remarkable faith. He had faith enough to listen to an angel and not to religious elites and the Law of Moses despite the fact this meant they would certainly be social outcasts and face difficulties because of this. Read the rest of this entry

All Signs Point to more Gridlock

Sen. Dick LugarThis past week marked a telltale sign of the state of affairs in congress; and unfortunately that sign leads to gridlock junction. Patriotslog has already written about how voters are causing much of the problems in D.C. The problem is how predictable the events that have taken place since then really were. Long time Indiana Republican Senator Dick Lugar was defeated in the Indiana primary this week; his greatest sin–actually doing his job. His opponent, Richard Murdock, leveled accusations against him time and time again that he worked with President Obama, as if that is a crime the jury of primary elections needed to convict him of. Sen. Lugar accomplished so much for this nation, mostly in the way of national security and foreign relations. He was instrumental in helping to end the Cold War, and in helping to disarm the planet’s vast supply of nuclear weapons. In his career Sen. Lugar has overseen 7,619 nuclear bombs disarmed, 498 missile silos decommissioned, and 902 intercontinental ballistic missiles destroyed. Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus are nuclear weapon free. The list can continue, but the point is clear; making the world a better place does not matter to voters any longer. Read the rest of this entry

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