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The Good Samaritan is now a Criminal

This week while scanning through the news I happened to find an article which has perplexed me so thoroughly I still do not know how to wrap my head around it. It is not often I express my own feelings or opinions in my articles, in fact, some readers who know me well comment to me how amused they are that I can play devil’s advocate so convincingly; so please forgive me for expressing the way I truly feel about this story. The truth is I do not know what to think. Reading this made me feel angry, frustrated, confused, annoyed, sad, and provided me with a bitter reality check at the same time. Hopefully by the end of this article I will understand my own feelings on the subject, and help you think your way through some of your own.

Rodney Peterson and his Family

The Good Samaritan charged with a crime sitting with his family.

On March second a blizzard hit the Chicago area. Famous for bitter cold snow storms, Rodney Peterson, a married father of three, and the fourth on the way, saw two 13 year old girls walking in the storm without coats or hoods. Concerned for their wellbeing, Rodney stopped and attempted to ask the girls how far they had to walk. When they told him they would be fine Rodney shrugged his shoulders and drove away. Three days after this good deed the police came knocking on the door of the Peterson home, informing Rodney he was being charged with disorderly conduct, and he now faces a $750 fine. Read the rest of this entry

The Supreme Court Hearing on Obamacare

Paging Dr. ObamaThis coming week the Supreme Court will hear three days of oral arguments; the length of the arguments indicates what a monumental case this is. The last time the court designated 6 hours of arguments was in 1966. As patriotslog has previously written, the universal health care system is not a good idea. On paper and in theory it works out splendidly; however, in practice, it never produces the results envisioned by the creators. It is expected that the issue at the forefront of the case in the Supreme Court is the issue of the individual mandate for health insurance coverage the law created. Does the government have the power to force each citizen to purchase health insurance, whether they feel a need for it or not? This issue has largely defined the Obamacare argument, though it is only a small part of the effect carried by the legislation. To be fair, the Affordable Care Act legislation does provide some needed reforms to health care which largely benefit the American people. Among these are the legislation to make illegal the practice of denying coverage based on a pre-existing condition; premium hikes being subject to review; a mandated percentage of revenue for health insurance providers being spent on care, as opposed to advertising or management; premiums cannot be higher for women than for men, as they have been in recent history; and premiums cannot be raised for individuals who develop a disability such as asthma or diabetes. One can debate the fairness of these provisions as well as the need for them; but with the price of health care continuing to rise it is almost unanimous that something must be done. President Obama feels these provisions are the answer the public needs. Read the rest of this entry

The Case Against War with Iran

*Editor’s note: this article is to be read in conjunction with The Case for War with Iran.

On paper, the cost of war can be measured in dollars, lives, hours, operations, and intelligence; but it is beyond the scope of any government to truly understand what it costs for a solider to never walk or run again, to never meet their newborn child, to have that child grow up without a parent, to deal with PTSD, or to watch a best friend be killed in action. The United States has paid so much, and it is time we quit looking for another war. Just in the lifetime of our oldest generation our military has freed Europe, China, the pacific islands, South Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and helped the causes of many people in places like Bosnia, South America, and Africa. Is it not time to find peace? We do not need another war; we do not need to attack Iran unless first attacked. We cannot so quickly forget how much our nation went through in Iraq, and continues to go through in Afghanistan. Read the rest of this entry

The Case for War with Iran

*Editor’s note: this article is to be read in conjunction with The Case Against War with Iran.

President Obama was clear with his declaration: the United States will not hesitate to use military power to ensure the safety of the world, and our allies against Iran if we are left with no other option. Many people, Republican primary candidates included, believe we are already at that point, and we may be. Iran has defied unilateral international commands for decades, and refuses to give up their ambition to develop a nuclear weapon. If this happens it would be one of the most dangerous scenarios in the history of our nation. Prime Minister Ahmadinejad has publically stated that Israel must be wiped off the map on multiple occasions. He has applauded terrorist attacks on Jews and Christians alike, and his government has funded terrorism for years. It is not an uncommon event to hear Ahmadinejad call for the extermination of Jews, and threaten to attack Israel. All of the evidence the Iranian government has leads us to believe that if they obtain a nuclear weapon they would surely use it either against Israel, or the start a war with Israel and the allies of Israel. Read the rest of this entry

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