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Gutting Justice; the Irresponsible Cuts Facing Our Court System

The United States of America is known for justice. We have always had the best court systems on the planet; nowhere else in the world do the people have the direct representation and defense of the court system. Criminals and corporations from other nations come here to use our court systems and settle litigations. All of this might soon change. The American court systems are facing a crisis the country can ill afford to handle; court room budgets across the nation have been slashed, causing massive cutbacks as well as delays or sometimes total denials of justice. In this difficult time every government office needs to tighten their belt, the courts included; however, when the cuts become lacerations so extreme the system cannot function, it is time to call attention to the problem. Read the rest of this entry

How Obama Health Reform Will Hurt Americans

It has become the campaign banner for Republican candidate in elections nationwide, and this week the United States Supreme Court has finally determined it will hear the case concerning the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The Supreme Court reviewed the case on Nov. 10 and decided to take the case because of the division among the circuit courts on the ruling. This means that sometime next year we will have the long awaited decision on whether the Affordable Care Act, which has come to be known across the country as Obamacare, is or is not in fact constitutional. At the core of the argument is whether or not the federal government can legally mandate that every American purchase health insurance. Other mandates of the law, such as a child staying on their parents’ insurance plan until age 26, are not being challenged in their constitutionality. Read the rest of this entry

Life, Liberty, and Abortion

Mississippi has an interesting law on the ballots in next week’s state elections; granting human rights at conception. Amendment 26, up for vote in Mississippi would grant humanity rights at conceptions. This means that as soon as a sperm combines with an egg the same rights granted to you and I are given to the embryo. The obvious purpose in this bill is to make abortion criminal on the same level as murder. If, as Amendment 26 would legislate, human rights are granted at conception it creates complicated legal situations. The obvious implication is that anyone found taking part in an abortion would be implicated in a murder investigation, and subsequently charged. This is the goal of Amendment 26, which is expected to pass comfortably in the deep Christian society of Mississippi.
Granting human rights to an embryo could cause some complicated problems. To start, many believe that this Amendment 26 violates the judicial review of the Roe v. Wade decision, which does not allow a law to regulate abortion prior to completing the first trimester, where the “abortion decision and its effectuation must be left to the medical judgment of the pregnant woman’s attending physician.” however, the Roe v. Wade decision does allow states to regulate abortion as they see necessary after the first trimester is complete. Read the rest of this entry

Reforming the American Tax Code

  With the American government farther in debt, and running a larger deficit than any time in history, congress has tasked a 12 person super committee to cut at least $1.3 trillion from the deficit, or both parties will take large hits in spending effecting the areas they care so much about–entitlement and defense. However, most of the nation, including at least 100 representatives, is pushing for a much larger cut; larger to the amount of $4 trillion. The debate has now become not if the committee can make the cuts, but will they make the cuts. All six republican members of the super committee have signed a pledge which guarantees they will not raise tax revenue. It is a general consensus among Americans that taxes need to be raised in order for congress to return our deficit to a manageable level; furthermore, it is widely believed that the super committee cannot reach a $4 trillion reduction without some additional offsetting revenue. Read the rest of this entry

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