Republican Hypocrisy

Republican Party Attempts to Manipulate the System to Gain Votes

        Hypocrisy is so common in politics it hardly merits any attention from the media anymore. It is now the norm in politics nationwide, by power hungry, selfish politicians; so much so that it is almost universally expected. The fact that is now expected, and that nobody does anything about it leads politicians and their parties, constituents and caucuses, so see hypocrisy as accepted. As is the case with any moral transition in society, first we are appalled, and then when the immoral action has become normal, we tolerate the action. We still despise it, but see there is nothing we can do to stop it. After this the immoral action is accepted, it is seen as simply a part of life which we all have to deal with and work around. Right or wrong does not matter, the fact is that it exists and we have accepted that. The final step is for society to embrace this immoral action. Society has tolerated and accepted political hypocrisy for too long! Patriotslog refuses to allow this hypocrisy to scoot by as a fact of life, and will fight the acceptance and tolerance of it with all the ability we have. When blatant hypocrisy is committed by s person, it is degenerate and deplorable; when it is committed by an entire political party it is shocking and appalling! This is the case with the Republican Party this week.


Political Hypocricy

To be fair Republicans are not alone, just in recent proceedings we have seen the Democratic Party tell elected officials that if they do not oppose a bill, they will not receive party support in their bid for re-election. However, what we see in Nebraska and Pennsylvania by the Republican establishment falls under the very definition of hypocrisy. It is obvious to see that Republicans are trying to legally fix a presidential election.

        The Electoral College system is a flawed and outdated system, particularly when we have the capability and technology in this day and age to do a popular vote, where a plurality would be the victor. The Electoral College was set up by founders who did not have this capability, but who believed too much in democracy and representation of the people would have used a popular vote method had they had the means. This is a debate for another day; the fact today is that republicans are attempting to swing an election, using perfectly legal methods, riding on the pale horse of hypocrisy. In the Electoral College system each state is given the same amount of votes toward a presidential race as the number of Congressional districts which they seat. There are two ways to set up a state Electoral College system: the first, and overwhelmingly the most common, is that whichever candidate receives the most votes in a state receives all the state’s Electoral College votes. The second is that each Congressional district casts its individual vote according to whoever receives the most votes in their district, thereby splitting Electoral College votes between candidates. This system is rarely seen, currently, only Nebraska and Maine use this system.

        Both systems have flaws. If a candidate receives only 51% of a popular vote, why should they get all of a state’s Electoral College votes? Conversely, if it is done by Congressional district a candidate could win the most populous one fourth of districts in a state like California, but lose three fourths of the districts which are less populated; therefore only receiving a quarter of the electoral college votes even though they won as much as 60%-70% of the popular vote by winning to most populated districts.

        These are similar to the cases in Nebraska and Pennsylvania. Nebraska, which uses the Congressional district system, conceded the Omaha district Electoral College vote to President Obama, while the rest of the state overwhelmingly supported Sen. McCain. Conversely, in Pennsylvania, President Obama won all the Electoral College votes, though he did not win the popular vote by a large margin. The rural areas voted in favor of Sen. McCain, but because the Pittsburg and Philadelphia areas are more populated than the others, they offset the vote, and gave all the electoral votes to President Obama. Republican establishment is attempting to make certain they obtain all possible votes for a candidate, even if it means direct blatant hypocrisy.

        There was recently a Republican push to put the Nebraska electoral system back in line with the rest of the nation, where the winner would take all the votes. This was pushed by the Republican establishment in order to gain the Omaha district electoral college vote for whoever will win this season’s Republican primary. This movement was defeated, despite the Republican Party telling state legislators that if they oppose the bill they will lose party support in re-election. Whether Nebraska has the right system or not is not the issue, thankfully some Republican state legislators in Nebraska still have integrity, and did what an elected official ought to do: vote the way they feel is best for those whom they represent, not the way their part wants them too. This vote was opposed by some because of the amount of campaigning that had to take place in the competitive Omaha district, and more campaigning means more money is spent in the local economy in the form of hotels, food, air and broadcast time, sign printing, and so forth. Republicans know that winning the Omaha district is possible, so the Republican candidate spends valuable campaign resources there. The Democratic candidate does not want to lose an electoral vote, and therefore also spends valuable campaign resources there. This brings in large sums of money to the local economy. Republican state legislators knew that changing this system would hurt the local economy, and cost potentially millions dollars of business revenue. For this reason they opposed the bill, knowing a Republican win in the Omaha district can still be achieved without economic consequences.

        As you can guess, the Republican Party is supporting one method in Nebraska, and supporting the opposite method in Pennsylvania. This blatant hypocrisy is their attempt to get as many votes for their candidate as possible. The Republican governor of Pennsylvania recently announced a motion to change their system from the winner take all system, which is now supported by the party in Nebraska, to the Congressional district system, which is now opposed in Nebraska. The fact that Pennsylvania has a Republican governor is evidence enough that a presidential candidate from their party can win the state. I am not saying one system is right and one is wrong, I am saying that it is shocking and repulsive that the Republicans would support whichever system gets them the votes, even if they oppose that system in another state. Many law makers in Pennsylvania oppose this change, but not for the same moral reasons as those in Nebraska. They are worried that this will cause a flow of Democratic campaign money to their districts, in order to pick up every possible vote, and that flow of campaigning would end up hurting their re-election bid. In the district by district system, the Republicans would have received 11 of the 21 Pennsylvania electorate votes in the 2008 election; moreover, this number would have been 11/18 in the new system. In Nebraska, changing the system the other way would pick them up the last one of the five votes in their state.

            This is the barefaced and shameful hypocrisy of the Republican Party, they are manipulating the system to gain an advantage; an advantage designed to give them more power. For a group which professes to be Christian and deeply religious people, maybe those pushing these moves from behind the scenes ought to take a closer look at Matthew chapter 23, the part about Publicans and Harlots making it into heaven before hypocrites. I know that the two respective governors of their states could be doing these separately, but we cannot be naive enough to believe that. When George Washington left the Presidential Office, he warned us of two things; lasting international treaties, and political factions. The state of Washington D.C. shows us again the wisdom of the founding fathers.


About patriotslog

I am studying to achieve a double major in political science and journalism from the University of Kentucky. I am married to a wonderful woman named Sierra. I am starting this blog because I feel the political climate in Washington is carving deep canyons for our children to climb out of. Our representatives, on both sides of the isle, do not represent us, they represent the lobbyists.This blog is not to give answers, but to make people think. I believe the more we think about our ideas the better they will become; as opposed to becoming more and more intrenched in far left or right wing brainwash, where it seems nobody thinks anymore. I hope y'all enjoy.

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