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How to Fix Washington Gridlock

        The United States Congress has an all-time low approval rating; commentators often joke that those who do approve of Congress at this moment consist of their immediate family, and nobody else. President Obama is not fairing much better, holding the lowest approval rating of his presidency also; though the fact that he raised so much money in campaign contributions this quarter illustrates just how inaccurate these polls are. It has become next to impossible to find anyone who can say in complete honesty that our government is functioning. Democrats blame republicans, who point the finger right back; the poor blame the rich, the president blames Congress, and the web just keeps growing. We even see some who are still irrationally hanging on to their disdain of President Bush, blaming all our woes on him for no other reason than petulant bitterness (yes, some of our current problems were set in motion by Bush, but those comprise a fractional minority). Everyone in America is more than happy to blame their government, representative, neighbor or friend; everyone in the government is more than happy to blame the other party. The only thing we do not see is people taking any responsibility for the problems. One lone patriot by the name of Buffett is brave enough to step forward, admit the system is not working, and taking responsibility for that. He knows tax rates and breaks favor the rich, and he is taking responsibility for that, and trying to change it. Warren Buffett even invested billions of dollars of his own money to help banks which were struggling. Thank you for your good heart and generous pocket Mr. Buffett. For the other 320 million minus one of us in America, it is time to take a good long look what we have done wrong. How can we expect Congress to stop pointing the finger and acting if we do not do the same; they will not take responsibility until we do. Read the rest of this entry

The Deterioration of Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street has officially degenerated. What began as a well-organized and admirable protest against the injustices of the Wall Street executives–only exacerbated by the fact that none of them have been charged, or even indicted for their clear crimes–as well as the fact that the lobbyists with the most money have congressmen and women in their pocket, has now devolved into the latest hipster trend. It is no longer a progressive movement, but a stalemate. Drug use has run rampant in Zuccotti Park and in other gatherings worldwide. Occupy Wall Street recently organized worldwide protests against wealth, some of which turned violent. The protests have no official cause, causing any displeasure to be a reason to join, and come do drugs with the rest of the motley crew. Where I was once a very vocal supporter of the protest, I now cannot endorse a movement which has become an excuse for college kids to party and be a useless pain in the American rear end; not the kind that causes change, but the kind you hide, and deny, and eventually remove. The parks are being destroyed; the very environment so many of them claim to canonize is being neglected and depleted. If they do not like the fact that that tax payers had to bail out banks, consider this: tax payers will also have to pay to restore the scenic beauty, landscaping, and botanic value of the parks they are ransacking in the name of equality. These kids are not protesting for something better, they are protesting for lack of something better to do. Read the rest of this entry

Drug Tests For Welfare; Is Florida Out of Bounds?

In the current economic and financial state of this country tax dollars have become almost a sacred thing to many hard working Americans. Millions of Americans are feeling the strain of a tough market, and too little opportunity. This is the reason Florida Governor Rick Scott passed legislation in Florida that all Florida residents applying for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) would be required to pass a urine screening for drugs in order to get their aid, which under the TANF program is $253 per month for the average family, spanning roughly 4 ½ months. On the surface this seems like a great idea; no American, liberals included, wants to see their hard earned money they paid in taxes go to supporting substance abuse, and entitlement scamming. We all know, or at least know of a habitual drug abuser who refuses to get help, and will not hold down a job because their addiction. This tragic acquaintance will use all the money available to them to get their next fix, taking advantage of the good hearted Americans who support the welfare program in order to get whatever free money the government will give them, and using it to support their habit. The problem with this is that we cannot assume that everyone or even the majority of people on welfare fit this mold. There are thousands of unemployed who legitimately want and are looking for a job, but cannot find one because too many companies have been forced to lay off workers. However, in a time where all of us citizens have to tighten the belt a notch, it is commendable to see Governors like Rick Scott attempting to do the same. It makes so much sense, that 36 other states are considering using the program. Read the rest of this entry

Is Occupy Wall Street the Liberal Tea Party?

Occupy Wall Street is now in its third week of protesting, crowding lower Manhattan with hundreds, sometimes even thousands of protesters who despise the wall street financial system. As the protest only gains momentum we finally are beginning to see some media coverage of the protest; it is hard to ignore 700 people being arrested on a march for blocking the Brooklyn Bridge. It is difficult to recall that many people being arrested on a march since the civil rights movement. The most cynical view of the media blackout (however not necessarily incorrect) is that the big money and banks on Wall Street have a card or two in  the hand the media plays, and are using their clout and leverage to keep any legitimacy from being credited to the protest. Much to their dismay, sister protests of Occupy Wall Street are popping up in cities all over the United States, the movement grows every day. The liberal left is reveling in the protest of the corporations the conservative right love, hoping that this movement becomes as powerful as the civil rights protests were in their generation. Videos of peaceful bystanders being maced and forcefully taken into custody are easy to find, only adding fuel to the fir of the protest. It is hard for the media to ignore any protest which has this much momentum, especially when there are now elected officials endorsing and supporting the protest. Some political commentators and analysts are already trying to label the Occupy Wall Street protests as the left wing version of the tea party because of the grassroots nature of the protest. While the protest certainly compares to the tea party movements in spontaneity and organization, it does not necessarily seem to be the left side of anything.

   Read the rest of this entry

Republican Hypocrisy

Republican Party Attempts to Manipulate the System to Gain Votes

        Hypocrisy is so common in politics it hardly merits any attention from the media anymore. It is now the norm in politics nationwide, by power hungry, selfish politicians; so much so that it is almost universally expected. The fact that is now expected, and that nobody does anything about it leads politicians and their parties, constituents and caucuses, so see hypocrisy as accepted. As is the case with any moral transition in society, first we are appalled, and then when the immoral action has become normal, we tolerate the action. We still despise it, but see there is nothing we can do to stop it. After this the immoral action is accepted, it is seen as simply a part of life which we all have to deal with and work around. Right or wrong does not matter, the fact is that it exists and we have accepted that. The final step is for society to embrace this immoral action. Society has tolerated and accepted political hypocrisy for too long! Patriotslog refuses to allow this hypocrisy to scoot by as a fact of life, and will fight the acceptance and tolerance of it with all the ability we have. When blatant hypocrisy is committed by s person, it is degenerate and deplorable; when it is committed by an entire political party it is shocking and appalling! This is the case with the Republican Party this week. Read the rest of this entry

A Right to Privacy

Violating the Fourth Amendmant With Warrantless GPS Tracking

        During this fall session, the United States Supreme Court will hear what is possibly the most meaningful case pertaining to the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution in the last decade or more. The court will essentially rule on what constitutes a person’s privacy. In the landmark case of Jones v United States, the Court will rule whether it was and is an unconstitutional act for law enforcement personnel to install a GPS tracking device on the car of a suspect without first obtaining a warrant, and subsequently track that persons movements for months at a time.

Jones arrested for drug possession

        Antoine Jones had been suspected of trafficking illegal narcotics in Virginia, by the FBI, who placed a GPS tracking device on his vehicle while parked in a public area, then used the device to track Jones’ movements for a month, eventually leading them to a depository of Jones’ which held nearly 100 kilograms of cocaine, and $850,000 in cash. Jones was tried and convicted to life in prison. This sentence was then nullified when a Federal Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the GPS tracking violated the rights of an American citizen; therefore, the arrest and conviction were due to unlawful practices and were thereby invalid. At issue here is whether or not the FBI violated Jones’ Fourth Amendment right guaranteeing protection from unlawful search and seizure, often referred to as the right to privacy, which states:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” Read the rest of this entry

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