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Michele Bachmann: Pumping in Votes at $2.00 per Gallon

Amid all the debt crisis talk, the discussions centered on creating jobs, the political street fight over raising tax revenue, and the finger pointing from S&P and wall street, we have but one presidential candidate who has a universally approved proposal to put money back in the pockets of American citizens. Minnesota Congressional Representative Michele Bachmann promised voters Tuesday that if she was elected “[we] will see gasoline come down below $2 a gallon again. Read the rest of this entry

Politics or Policies: Which Really Matters in Washington?

26 July, 2011

Last night we witnessed a prime time heavyweight bout between the President of the United States of America, and the Speaker of House, played out for the nation and world to see. President Obama was relentless in his attack of the Republican Party; even going as far as making an attempt to paint the image that the massive debt incurred was mostly the fault of the Bush administration, which he inherited; only admitting that his party too was to blame for “some” of the debt. On his blissful canvass of imagination, President Obama left out the storm cloud looming overhead, when he failed to tell Americans that the spending in the first three years of his administration already had nearly surpassed the enormous level reached in the eight years under our nation’s previous top executive. We heard him twist the perception of the citizens of this great nation, whose tax dollars it is that Washington keeps spending, into believing that the republicans were doing nothing, and would do nothing, as America comes dangerously close to defaulting on our debt. Republicans, according to our President, were refusing to work with him, or the house Democrats to find a solution. According to the democrats, the GOP refused to cut military spending, or raise the debt limit– two acts which certainly do need to be accomplished at this time. More times than I care to count, I heard the blame shifted to republicans.

When speaker Boehner took the soapbox, we heard the exact same sad song. The other party was to blame, and the other party was not going to allow a deal to be accomplished. Our Speaker repeatedly criticized our President, and attempted to shift all the blame on him and his constituents. Speaker Boehner even went as far as to say that the President, even in this dangerous situation, only wants a blank check so he can add even more to his record setting national transactions. Read the rest of this entry

What the Death of Bin Laden Really Tells Us About Americans

8 May, 2011

Jubilation. Crowds gathered in the street, singing, dancing, and chanting. National pride was at a level not seen in many years. An onlooker could hear chanting and praising, making it easy to see that something extraordinary had just been accomplished. The leader of the raid stood at a podium and announced “justice”.

Unity. Everyone held hands, cheered, laughed and cried together. Members of the same nation, which were separated by their differences only hours before, now came together with an Earth moving event having been accomplished, ready to build a bridge, even if only for one night, between their differences. Read the rest of this entry

The Truth: For Our Nation, Our Children, and Our Future

26 April, 2011

Every morning millions of parents in the United States send their beloved children off to school. When those children come home these caring parents ask what was learned that day at school. Imagine a child coming home from a middle school science class one day, and telling its parents they learned that washing hands was harmful to health. These parents would certainly have to be concerned with the educational integrity of the schools. Even if the child explained that washing hands transmits germs when the sink, soap dispenser and faucet are touched, and also that it weakens the immune system, a parent would still understand that though these may in fact, be true, the benefits of hand washing FAR outweigh these minor consequences. It is therefore my question to ask why parents are not concerned when a child comes home and regurgitates what was taught in a history or social studies class when it is this same case: Small truths that manipulate the real truth. Truth, as the author will be concerned in this paper, is defined as things as they really were, as they really are, and as they really will be. Read the rest of this entry

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